About Us

Sellas medizinische Geräte GmbH

Dr. Robert Sellmeier is working on UVA-technology since 1976. He developed his first UVA radiation prototype for direct pigmentation in that year.

He became self-employed in 1979 and founded Sellas medizinische Geräte one year later. Since then, Dr. Robert Sellmeier is in close cooperation with dermathologic clinics.

Brief description of the radiating units

The outer appearence and casing was developed from the units function. Over the years, modifications where done to meet experience, what proved to be good was kept.

The casings are made of spray-powdered aluminium. A combination of optical filters limits the emitted radiation to UVA1 range (almost 97%). Radiation below 320nm and in the infrared range is eliminated entirely.

The radition unit has a build-in electronic lift which can be used to adjust the distance to the patient and thus control the raditation intensity individually. The distance is measured though ultrasound.

The unit is designed to not enclose the patient entirely and instead allow for clear view and the ability to leave the radiation unit at any time (claustrophoby).

The unit can furthermore be controlled by a timer. Our new unit Sellas control allows to specify a desired the radiation dosage.